Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.

Carl Sagan


Eric P. Caillibot

As a kid who hated sports and being forced to play outside, Eric P. Caillibot made it his mission to read through as many fantasy and science fiction books as he could get his hands on. With every new book, he was thrilled to escape to fabulous and exciting new worlds. As an author, he seeks to create similar experiences for his readers, providing getaways to worlds unlike the normal, every-day places where we spend the rest of our lives.

Eric P. Caillibot has spent decades writing fantasy and science fiction stories, inspired by the likes of Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Robert Silverberg and Lloyd Alexander. He blends original concepts with the fundamental elements that draw readers to these engrossing genres, whether expressed in books, short stories, or role-playing games.

He was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, but he has also lived and attended university in Ottawa, Toronto and Strasbourg, France. He holds a bachelor and a master degree in aerospace engineering, as well as a certificate from the International Space University.

When he is not writing, Eric has been developing software and systems, as well as managing people, projects and programs in the space, rail, mobile health, workforce management and access management sectors for 20 years. 

Unrealism Books / Éditions Irréelles

Unrealism Books (Éditions Irréelles in Québec) is an indie publishing house exclusively owned and operated by Eric P. Caillibot.