The Kiynan Chronicles

The Conquest of Kiynan

When the entire world erupts into war, can anyone triumph?

An ancient conjurer escapes from his imprisonment in the spirit world. Bent on revenge, he raises an army of demons crafted from stolen flesh and bones. Far to the West, a barbarian king launches an all-out invasion, his bloodlust insatiable.

Caught in the middle, Kayla Freeland is a young woman with mysterious, prophetic dreams. Unbeknownst to her, she is the key to unlocking the long-forgotten magic of a fallen House, the only means of stopping the conjurer and his endless minions.

Hendrik Stoneworth, a naïve, young king, finds himself outmatched by the barbarians, with his kingdom thrown into chaos. 

When he is conscripted into Hendrik’s army, Simion, a cat burglar, suddenly finds himself fighting for the nobility he has always hated.

As kingdoms fall, the unlikely heroes must overcome fear, loss and remorse to unite fragmented nations and feuding magicians against their merciless enemies… or face subjugation.

The Conquest of Kiynan is the first instalment of an epic, high fantasy series. The story is split across multiple viewpoint characters, forced to navigate conflict, coming of age, clashing cultures and magic. The threads are gradually woven together, leading to a single, thrilling conclusion.


The Conquest of Kiynan by Eric P. Caillibot is the first book in The Kiynan Chronicles series. The book follows multiple point-of-view characters through an unlikely thread that weaves them together in a patchwork of royalty, loyalty, war, and magic. The book begins by introducing Caillibot’s massive volume of key players in alternating order, with a violent act of war hovering over each. The boy-king Hendrik Stoneworth the First is put to the test when an attack is at hand by the ruthless warrior Blackheart and the barbarian Iceborn. A conjurer has also broken free from the spirits who held him and is raising an army of his own from the undead. Centered between those who turned away from the throne, those who ascended to it prematurely, those who wish to take it and all who follow, and the forces that swirl through dark and light, is a young, budding and gifted marvel with premonition dreams named Kayla Freeland…and one who has within her the potential to unite old Houses and rivalries for a chance at salvation.

The Conquest of Kiynan is an incredibly ambitious book that takes some time to get into, as is the case with almost every other fantasy saga ever written. I usually have to make a few notes and this one is no different. There is a deep level of trust we must put into an author when we commit to their world, and Eric P. Caillibot delivers as the pages steadily turn. The strength of this first installment is in its character development, particularly in the nuanced identity features Caillibot gives to each one, even small ancillary cast members. A toothless grin, the scent of jasmine, the uncoiling of a long, thick tail, the sneer of a Conjuress. There is heartbreak when the true destiny of a beloved, valiant character is revealed. It is satisfied by the passing of the baton to Kayla as she embraces her own. The world-building is well done although the descriptive narrative tends to run over into multi-paragraphs but this is forgivable in the context of a robust plot and intense battle scenes. That said, where most books start strong and then lag through the middle, I found that Caillibot’s storytelling grew stronger as the book progressed. Witnessing the maturing of an author in their own novel is a rare and beautiful experience, and leads me to believe that there will be much more to come from this one in particular.

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Impossible to put down…

Caillibot kickstarts The Kiynan Chronicles series with this fascinating concoction of epic fantasy, mystery, magic, and action. Daimin the Mauve, an ancient Conjurer, has escaped the spirit world and is set on conquering the people of Ornland. Desperate, the magic houses of Ornland seek help from their alienated kin on Kiynan. But the young naive king of Kiynan is trying to protect his kingdom from the sinister warlord, Masc Blackheart. Now it’s up to Kayla Freeland, a young woman from Kiynan to save the lands. The fantasy world that Caillibot offers is rich, detailed, and expertly constructed. Between the political complications in Kiynan, Hendrik’s extreme efforts to protect his land, and Kayla’s struggles with her self-doubts and fears, the story flows at a swift pace. Epic battles, unexpected twists, and legendary magic keep the pages flying. The cliffhanger ending sets the stage for a promising next installment. A skillfully crafted setting with intricate character dynamics and layers of political intrigue makes this a must-read fantasy. Highly recommended.

The Prairies Book Review

I thoroughly enjoyed the large cast of characters in the true spirit of fantasy. The characters are well developed and interesting, and each add their own special touch to the story.


The saga begins with an invasion of a foreign Iceborn army advancing on the land of Kiynan, an attempt at reclaiming former land and glory, ultimately a conquest for power. Meanwhile, far from the battlefield, a young girl named Kayla is thrust into a realm of magic and spells long thought to have been lost to their world. When Kayla learns that an unstoppable army of undead, led by a Conjurer desperate for vengeance, is slowly creeping its way across the continent, hellbent on decimating everything in its path, it will take uniting every living thing, even the most bitter of enemies, to stop it. The whims of man seem foolish when you’re up against an army whose only goal is not land, nor power, nor prestige, but death.

“The Conquest of Kiynan” is the first book of the high fantasy series by Eric P. Caillibot and what an introduction it was. It felt very influenced by certain elements of “Game of Thrones” or “Lord of the Rings” and blended these together with some other original ideas to create something that felt entirely fresh. Caillibot created a very unique and intricate magic system that involves concentrating emotions internally and then projecting those emotions outward to effect. There were so many great characters and so much backstory that the world really felt completely full and immersive. This book truly has everything that you could ever ask for in a fantasy novel and I’ll definitely be checking out the sequel at some point in the near future.

Peter J. McKenna

The past is forgotten, but not gone.

A magical empire of grey-skinned giants erupts into civil war as Verletzt, a bold idealist, challenges the stagnant doctrine of his rulers. His iconoclast movement struggles desperately against the brutal theocrats to win freedom and lead his people to a glorious destiny.

Five thousand years later, Kayla Freeland’s prophetic sight shows her an approaching worldwide apocalypse. The devastating threat is somehow connected to an ancient weapon, hidden elemental forces and Vertletzt’s long-vanished civilization. Racing against time, she assembles an expedition to delve into the past and solve the riddle of her visions before it is too late.

The Legacy of Lethe is both sequel and prequel to “The Conquest of Kiynan” but can be read as a stand-alone book. The story is split across multiple viewpoint characters, forced to navigate conflict, heartbreak, coming of age and magic. The threads are gradually woven together, leading to a single, thrilling conclusion.


A lot of sequels struggle to live up to the original. The Legacy of Lethe doesn’t have any of this difficulty. Where Conquest of Kiynan is an excellent debut novel, Legacy of Lethe demonstrates the author finding his voice and, frankly, smashing my preconceived notions of what the follow-up might be. Beautifully written, expertly plotted, and worth every second spent reading it. Can’t wait for book 3.

Brina (

Like its predecessor The Conquest of Kiynan, The Legacy of Lethe is inventive, fun, mysterious, and hard to put down. Cannot wait to see what else this author, and this series, has in store.

C. Cordell (

Forced to choose between loyalty and destiny.

Cadvin is destined to become the greatest Augur to have ever lived. When he alone is selected for training, he vows to pass along everything he learns to his childhood friends, despite the law. When they discover that their aptitudes lie in forbidden magic, Cadvin is forced to walk the line between duty and friendship. 

Daimin, Cadvin’s closest friend, refuses to hide his powers from the authorities. Nothing in Cadvin’s prophetic visions can prepare him for their impending confrontation.

Centuries later, Fridrik, a student of Kayla Freeland’s, discovers an aptitude for forbidden magic. Refusing to deny his newfound identity, he goes on the run to escape the unforgiving magicians bent on enforcing the ancient law. His only hope at acceptance is a desperate search for the truth that was buried along with Cadvin and Daimin so long ago.

The Ordeals of Ornland takes you on a thrilling adventure to the past and present. This novel can be read as a sequel to “The Conquest of Kiynan” and “The Legacy of Lethe” or as a stand-alone story.


The Ordeals of Ornland by Eric P. Caillibot begins during the Golden Age of Magic, where Daimin and his peers wade through the quagmire of magical selection in Parkel. While Cadvin earns a coveted spot for training, others like Fridrik are faced with their own emotional burdens. Cadvin excels in Skywall, learning about the delicate balance crucial for peace in Ornland. However, ominous warnings of impending war cast a shadow over their progress. Years later, forbidden magic and political turmoil strain friendships as Cadvin returns to Parkel. Fridrik’s natural talent for forbidden magic sparks concern, while Benjen’s dabbling leads to seismic consequences. As Fridrik aligns with the Revivalists and Cadvin foresees war, their paths diverge, setting the stage for a conflict that tests loyalties and ideals across Ornland, ultimately reshaping its leadership and future.
I admit that I was a wee bit concerned when I picked up Eric P. Caillibot’s The Ordeals of Ornland as it is the third book in The Kiynan Chronicles series. This trepidation was gone within moments and I was able to get right into the story without any difficulty. I like that Caillibot dances between timelines, and the world-building across the board is exceptional. I adore fantasy where there is forbidden magic and the moral ambiguity of controlling it. There is a debate between Kayla and other members of the Houses over the legality and regulation of forbidden magic, and Caillibot does well in filling us in organically. There are some amazing battles shrouded in anger and fog, necromancy, and betrayal. The standout character to me is Glenda, whose calm voice is reminiscent of the power of Frank Herbert’s Lady Jessica, but with a lot more grace. Overall, an excellent read that will have me going back to this author for more.

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It came from Lethe…

An unexplained cataclysm washes over the primitive humans of Ornland, forcing them to rebuild. The only things that everyone can agree on are that the cause was not natural and that the calamity originated in Lethe, the lands of magic-wielding, grey-skinned giants. Three adventurers defy the rules and set out to find answers. What they discover is beyond their wildest imagination and will change the fate of Ornland forever.

A short story prequel, set thousands of years before the start of The Conquest of Kiynan and right after some of the events in The Legacy of Lethe. A freebie exclusively available by signing up to my newsletter.

A 5e supplement for The Kiynan Chronicles setting, allowing you and your friends to set your next RPG in the World of Kiynan. Includes:

  • Detailed setting information, including timeline and geography
  • New races/cultures: Iceborn, Gaurvian, Paladin, Sea Tribes, Ornish, Valkan and Lethean
  • New class: House Magician
  • House Magician Sub-Classes: House Despair, House Fury, House Hope, House Lust, House Pride, House Spite, House Calm and House Scorn
  • New Barbarian Path: Iceborn Warrior
  • New Fighter Archetype: Knight of Paladia
  • New backgrounds
  • New spells
  • New monsters and enemies

A free canonical adventure set in The Kiynan Chronicles setting, using the 5e-compatible World of Kiynan supplement.

Take on a quest to reclaim a magical, ancient artifact to allow the new stronghold of the revived House Calm to take flight, as the fabled Skywall once did.

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