The Ripper Conspiracy – Episode 4

7 September, 1888

The investigators all gathered at Lord Havershire’s mansion the day before the ritual was scheduled to take place. After some discussion, they decided to investigate the bawdy houses of Whitechapel, hoping to locate the unfortunate that Mr. Morris had noticed in the company of the man he had observed making use of the house where the ritual was scheduled to take place.

While there were plenty of prostitutes to be found with the initials A.C., Mr. Morris was unable to find the particular unfortunate he had observed. Admitting defeat, the group headed to Mr. Morris’ room at the inn down the street from the ritual house.

After discussing several alternate plans, the investigators finally decided to wait until the ritual was scheduled to begin at 3 am. At the appointed hour, they snuck up to the back door of the ritual house. Mr. Morris showcased his impressive ability for stealth on the way.

They arrived at the house in Whitechapel for the ritual scheduled for 3 am on Saturday 8 September 1888.

From the outside, the house looked typical for the area: small, poor and dilapidated. It was covered in the usual soot that could be seen everywhere around industrial London. The front door gave directly onto a street. A narrow alleyway on either side of the house led to the back of the house, which was nearly identical to the front, including a second door.

They quietly infiltrated the house, but soon discovered that it was empty except for a phonograph playing the recording of a ritual chant. A note next to the phonograph revealed a new address for the ritual. The group quickly caught a cab and rushed to the new address, arriving at an administration building near the docks.

The investigators made their way to the second floor of the building, where they proceeded to spy on the proceedings for about two hours. During that entire period, Liam Doran stood reading an odd-sounding fable in Latin to a group of seven people seated around him in a circle on the floor. The investigators also noticed that numerous candles were placed around the room.

At 6 am, when the group finally called an end to the proceedings, the intruders tried to hide on the first floor of the building. As they left, a few members of the group spotted Mr. Stuart and Lord Havershire and attacked. The battle was short and bloody, with the bulk of the fighting being over in less than a minute.

Mr. Morris ruthlessly stabbed (another) man to death, although not without being stabbed himself and injured.

Lord Havershire and Mr. Stuart fired their pistols repeatedly at a man armed with a saber, but he managed to slash Lord Havershire before sustaining enough injuries to persuade him to flee.

Mr. Sinclair and his native sidekick Hawk, deftly outmaneuvered a hefty man swinging a chain and confronted a fleeing Liam Doran. Sinclair backed Doran into a corner, where he pulled out a bizarre contraption and turned to fight. Doran only managed to fire his device once, but he successfully used the steam-powered spear thrower to skewer Sinclair and knock him off his feet. With heroic composure, Sinclair fired both his revolvers from his prone position and managed to sever both of Doran’s femoral arteries. Doran collapsed in agony, dropping his machine. With the last of his strength, Doran attempted to crawl towards Sinclair but another volley from the cowboy put Doran down for good.

Meanwhile, Morris, Stuart and Hawk surrounded the lone surviving enemy, who was persuaded to drop his chain and surrender.

Lord Havershire wasted no time and began interrogating the fallen saber-carrying man. He revealed that he had been hired by Doran and instructed to wait at the house until the investigators arrived, and then kill them. Displaying his violent side, Havershire smashed the man’s head into the ground and knocked him out cold.

Stuart and Sinclair managed to douse the growing flames ignited by lit coals that had spilled from the spear thrower. Examining the device, Mr. Stuart discovered the emblem: Drake Enterprises. He recognized it as another of the factories he owned.

Abandoning the surviving enemies to their fates, the group rushed Doran to the nearest hospital. The doctors were astonished that he had survived the injuries he had sustained, but did the best they could to save him. A small boy was recruited for a half-pence to keep watch on Doran in the hospital until he regained consciousness.

Later that morning, the investigators discovered the headlines of the day:

“Ripper Strikes Again!”

“Jack is Back!”

Annie Chapman’s body was discovered at about 6 a.m. on Saturday 8 September 1888. As in the case of Mary Ann Nichols, the throat was severed by two cuts. Her abdomen was also slashed entirely open.


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