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    Based on Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons (5e) “Very good, X27,” said the kindly, old man. “Now do it again.” The automaton picked up the hand cannon on the workbench in front of it and began to rapidly disassemble it. Each individual piece was placed carefully in the exact position where it had…

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  • Ashes to Ashes – 4 – The Assistant

    Ashes to Ashes – 4 – The Assistant

    She sat, reading. Calmly turning the pages, feeling herself enveloped in the world the story laid out before her. She heard a noise outside the office door and quickly hid her book. She sat upright, ready for anything. “You’re late,” she said as her boss walked in. “My alarm never went off this morning. Any…

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  • Ashes to Ashes – 2 – The Boss

    Ashes to Ashes – 2 – The Boss

    Warren Richards stood up suddenly, bringing his face within inches of Jack’s. In one long hissing breath, he articulated: “Do you understand the consequences of what you’re talking about?” “I have to try!” Jack answered passionately. “We’ve known each other for eleven years,” said Warren slowly after a long pause, “I’d like to think we…

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  • Giveaway Contest

    Giveaway Contest

    I’ve teamed up with 35+ authors to give away a huge collection of Science Fiction & Fantasy novels to 2 lucky winners! And there will be a Grand Prize winner who will get a BRAND NEW eReader! The Conquest of Kiynan will be included in the prize bundles, and there are so many titles from…

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  • Art of The Kiynan Chronicles

    Art of The Kiynan Chronicles

    Characters and Scenes MapsCovers Characters and Scenes Maps 4000 Before the Founding of the Houses (B.F.) 635 After the Founding of the Houses (A.F.) Modern Times Covers

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  • World of Kiynan Geography

    World of Kiynan Geography

    The World is divided into three major continents: Varice, Kiynan and Ornland. Read on to find out more about their countries and key cities. Varice The cold, Northern continent of Varice is populated by the Iceborn, hardy folk, adapted to living in a harsh climate. Raiding, skirmishes and outright warfare are commonplace and merely a…

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  • World of Kiynan History and Timeline

    World of Kiynan History and Timeline

    The World of Kiynan is the high fantasy setting for The Kiynan Chronicles series. It is a medieval fantasy world peopled by many different cultures, each with their own histories, religions, aspirations and problems. Once ruled by the mighty Lethean civilization, the World has since been taken over by humans. Magic is produced by intense…

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  • Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 10

    Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 10

    Nero nudged the controls of the gun-cutter as he completed the maneuvers to dock with the captured Gamoran raider. As soon as the airlock finished cycling, his companions rushed toward the command bridge and he followed. He cast a woeful glance over his shoulder at the gun-cutter, uncomfortable with trading it in for the unarmed…

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  • The Scouring of Hillcrest Mine

    The Scouring of Hillcrest Mine

    A D&D 5e adventure set in a Forgotten Realms-inspired high fantasy setting, which I DM’d for my nephews. “Hillcrest Mine has been overrun. The flow of valuable minerals from the mine, the very lifeblood of our village, has thus been stopped. Bold adventurers are needed at once to cleanse the mine and restore Hillcrest to…

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  • Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 9

    Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 9

    Lokus contemplated the data slate in his hands. He had read the report it contained about what little the Holy Enterprise‘s auspex could reveal about the state of Palados. It was not encouraging.  A vast cloud of debris encircled the planet for thousands of kilometers. The fighting between the Gamorans and Sinerians had been intense.…

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