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  • Jack Shepherd

    Jack Shepherd

    Based on White Wolf’s World of Darkness game Demon: the Fallen (prior to the moment of possession).     Jack Shepherd took a long drag on his cigarette, eyeing the tumbler of cheap bourbon on the desk in front of him. He longed to grab it and knock it back in a single gulp, but he…

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  • Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 8

    Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 8

    “Into the tunnels!” Lokus commanded, taking a moment to address the room. “We retreat from the jaws of the enemy, but only to better strike at its heart!”   Eckhert Riggs rolled his eyes and looked to the other soldiers around him to share in his disdain. To his annoyance, the rank and file Guardsmen…

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  • Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 7

    Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 7

    As the small fleet of Sinerian shuttles approached the Shinfuken research site, Phi Rho 81 looked out of the window at the ground below. From the air, he could just make out the ruined foundations of what must have been four buildings. The Holy Enterprise’s lance strikes had not left much to see. Most of…

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  • Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 6

    Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 6

    Alarak sat inside Vance’s command vehicle, listening to the general propose minor battle adjustments to Lokus. The plan had already been discussed and agreed upon, so the navigator had little interest in the final logistical details. He turned his attention instead to the cycling picter feed being displaying on a screen next to him. It…

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  • Roose Bale

    Roose Bale

    Based on Fantasy Flight’s Deathwatch, set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 30,000 The universe is cruel. It is unjust. To bring justice is to impose an unnatural order. That is, in and of itself, a cruelty. When I heard Conrad Kurze speak those words, they rang true. They spoke to the experiences of my battle-brothers and…

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  • Tychondrius


    Based on Fantasy Flight’s game Deathwatch, set in Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 As the battered land raider vibrated from the impact of innumerable fleshborer beetles, Brother Tychondrius surveyed the battlefield using the vehicle’s remaining sensors, directly interfaced to his brain by means of his electro-graft implant. The hail of fleshborers originated from the swarm of…

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  • Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 5

    Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 5

    The assault shuttle rattled as it penetrated Shinfuken’s atmosphere. Lokus looked up reflexively from the map of the Shinfuken Command complex that he was studying. Alarak sat facing him across the narrow aisle, the expression on his strangely bloated face impassive, the lid over his third eye quivering slightly. Lokus reflected that the navigator was…

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  • Uzog Stormbringer

    Uzog Stormbringer

    Based on Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons (5e) The door to the tavern flew open, letting in a cold blast of wind that made every candle in the overcrowded hall flicker. A hulking, brooding figure stood outlined in the doorway as a rumble of thunder erupted in the distance. A tense hush fell…

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  • Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 4

    Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 4

    Nero listened with impatience to the junior officer as she finished her status report. The Holy Enterprise’s systems remained rife with malfunctions, following Tetsuwan Atomu’s infiltration, but none of them posed a significant risk at the moment. Whatever Phi Rho had done, he seemed to have thwarted the hostile artificial intelligence. Nero abruptly dismissed the…

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  • Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 3

    Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 3

    Little of Phi Rho 81’s face was recognizably human, after the extensive cybernetic augmentation he had undergone over the years. His left eye and a small area of skin around it was all that Alarak and Lokus could observe to gauge what was happening in their comrade’s mind as the unknown intelligence communicated with him.…

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