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  • The Ripper Conspiracy – Episode 4

    The Ripper Conspiracy – Episode 4

    7 September, 1888 The investigators all gathered at Lord Havershire’s mansion the day before the ritual was scheduled to take place. After some discussion, they decided to investigate the bawdy houses of Whitechapel, hoping to locate the unfortunate that Mr. Morris had noticed in the company of the man he had observed making use of…

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  • Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 1

    Sinerian Renaissance – Episode 1

      Completed missions: None Active missions: Colonization Known locations: Port Wander (void station) Shinfuken (hive world) Akna (agri-world) In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. At the very edge of the Imperium of Mankind in the 41st millenium, a small, unremarkable world suffered under the yoke of the Imperium’s uncaring…

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  • The Ripper Conspiracy – Episode 3

    The Ripper Conspiracy – Episode 3

    1 September, 1888 Mr. Stuart was the first to rise on the morning of September 1st, 1888. He skimmed over the description of one of the most horrific murders of his time, then casually flipped to the business pages and carried on with his breakfast. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Morris also discovered the murder and resolved…

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  • The Ripper Conspiracy – Episode 2

    The Ripper Conspiracy – Episode 2

    18 August, 1888 The group of unlikely investigators picked themselves up in the aftermath of the battle in a warehouse in Chelsea’s wharf, on the Thames waterfront. Lord Havershire, outraged at having his person harmed by someone other than himself, demanded to be escorted to a hospital without delay. Inspector Gauss, ignoring Havershire’s persistent complaints…

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  • The Ripper Conspiracy – Episode 1

    The Ripper Conspiracy – Episode 1

    18 August, 1888 Four strangers arrived at a mansion in the ritzy Earl’s Court district of London. The mansion was owned by a well-to-do man by the name of Mr. Forester. Each of the strangers had their own reasons for going to the mansion, all of which were connected in one way or another to…

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  • Outsource Your Life

    My wife and I recently hired a cleaning person to clean our home twice a month. We have no kids and we’re not so busy that we can’t do it ourselves, but we both work hard so we figured why not remove one source of aggravation? It isn’t that expensive anyway… Cleaning services are very…

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  • Personal Finances Websites

    I discussed previously how managing several social media accounts can be a challenge, pointing to the usefulness of social media aggregation tools. Many people, including myself, also have several financial accounts with different institutions (credit card with one bank, savings account with another, TFSA with another, etc.). Losing track of social media updates can be annoying, but…

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  • Social Media Aggregation

    Like many others, my social media experience began with a Facebook account. The first few weeks were an eye-opening experience. I was amazed at how easy it was to find and connect with old friends, scattered across the globe. I got so excited about ‘friending’, that I started connecting to people that I barely remembered…

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